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How to Make Your Data Connection Come On- Glo 0.0K


Hello and good evening people, am sure many Glo users must have being experiencing issues with data connection which hasn’t come on for over 6hours now.

This is a smart method to reduce huge traffic to the proxy. 3G and 4G LTE users should have experienced this Nationwide. Well, let’s get down to business.

For you that always visit freebrowsingweb you are very lucky, because I am here this evening to provide a working and lasting solution to this minor problem. This is not in any way a big issue but a devise set by Glo to reduce the usage of this free cheat.

Here we have to apply a new APN which will work well and maybe faster than other popular APNs we have been using. We recommend you enjoy this gently and maintain your cool or it gets blocked forever.

How to Make Glo Data Come On and Enjoy Glo 0.0K
1. Go to phone settings>>Cellular Network

2. APN and create a new access point
3. Use APN as gloflat.blackberry.net.

4. Now put on your data and see this magic.

5. If you used the above settings and it still didn’t come on, send PAYU to 127 and out on your data. It must come on. 🔥

Solution 2
Kindly do this to Activate your data connection

  • Just activate GLO free facebook flex in your GLO sim, Simply dial*206*66#.
  • This śubcription cost 25 naira for 3 days
  • ..After that On your data and enjoy anonytun browsing.

Remember I don’t publish what I don’t affirm.  So it’s confirmed and working flawlessly

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Remember to maintain and don’t cast too much. I smell the end. But for now enjoy while it lasts.

Alternatively, Use APN as blackberry.net. Connect the GLO sim to modem on you PC  then create hotspot to ur phone then connect your VPN

Happy browsing. Happy Weekend!



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