FreebrowsingWeb (FBW) Whatsapp Group Now Active - Join

To all my viewers I am glad to announce to you that FreebrowsingWeb Whatsapp group is now live. The Whatsapp group is created for sharing opinions and requests. This group will serve as a fast medium to disseminate Latest Cheats, Tech news, Tutorials,  Awoofs, Latest gadget reviews etc immediately it posted on this blog. You can as well share opinions on free browsing, tweaking tutorials, new gadgets, phone solutions. Novice, geeks are all welcome.

Asides that, we also provide fast solutions to your device issues and problems related to free browsing. The group is expected to be a very interact. We have received requests from a good number of individuals requesting for a Whatsapp group for this great blog which delivers free browsing.

Firstly we recommend you ha ve WhatsApp installed to your device, if you don’t, you can install, Whatsapp, or GB Whatsapp.  Below are some things you need to know before joining FreebrowsingWeb Whatsapp Group.

Terms and Conditions
1. Every content shared in the Whatsapp group is directly proportional to what we have on our blog.

2. Members of the group can share ideas about Tech. Including challenges and Success achieved

3. We would Remove you if you post irrelevant stuff or stuffs not related to Technology gist.

4. Posting external links is highly prohibited. Only is allowed.

5. Other bloggers are welcome to the group. Gurus are not exempted.

6. There must not be ethnicity difference, we are one family in the group no matter the country you are joining from

7. Admins have the right to remove inactive members or those who violate the above rules. Additionally, they can also add new members.

Where to Join?
We could have requested you drop your numbers in the comment section but it won't be easy adding these numbers. So you can join the group using the Invite link below.

By clicking the invite link, you must have agreed with the terms and conditions above. Welcome