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Download AnonyTun without Ads – AnonyTun Beta v5 (English)


AnonyTun VPN is arguably one of the best in the aspect of free browsing with Glo.

This VPN App works perfectly. For those that have been following my tutorials, you should be enjoying this cheat without stress.

Few weeks ago I wrote on how to make Glo free browsing work by force.

But there’s a little issue we have to address after receiving a few requests; Ads. – AnonyTun VPN Beta v5 English Version

Most of you that use the AnonyTun VPN should know that this App comes with Ads. These Ads are a source of profit to the developers.

But some people don’t like seeing them at all even if they are rightly placed. If you follow my tutorials very well, I disclosed how you can remove ads from any app using lucky patcher, but I will introduce AnonyTun Beta v5 English Version which is already made available without Ads.

The App is no way different from the others we have been using. Maybe just difference in the version which is quite a good factor for a stable connection using the Glo tweak. May people prefer to use the AnonyTun v1.3; All about choice.

As for the User Interface (UI), it’s still the same. The settings are just the essential aspect to need to focus on. See settings for Anonytun VPN Beta.  With AnonyTun VPN Beta v5 English Version you browse without experiecning any Ad.

Where To  Download AnonyTun VPN Beta v5 English Version?
AnonyTun VPN Beta v5 English Version Works with the Glo 0.0k browsing. The settings are still the same.
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  1. Hi guys, that's great what's you just bring…
    But its seems like the changes you just met , don't work for me…
    I'm still struggling with anonytun in my country…
    Yes it use to work properly, but it has stopped, I don't know why!!!!!
    Help me please guys, I know you can.


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