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AnonyTun Not Connecting, Connection Timeout? Try This FBW APN


Hello, am sure many of you have been experiencing issues with the Glo free browsing cheat with AnonyTun VPN for some hours now.

Anyways I discovered the issue is with those using Glosecure as APN got negative responses like connection timeout on AnonyTun VPN right.

Well, Glo is going hard on the APN meant for small devices hence affecting our free browsing!

Now, there are 3 basic requirements you need to fulfil. Firstly, I recommend you get a 4G SIM. For those that don’t have any idea about using a 4G SIM on Glo to browse for free, you can see this post for settings.


1. Glo 4G SIM

2. A New APN

3. Anonytun 1.3

I think the AnonyTun v1.3 is the best the developers of AnonyTun have unleased. This version connects fast and doesn’t have a connection timeout feature, rather it reconnects automatically. Now reducing the stress of tapping the connect button after connection time out as experienced on AnonyTun v2.5

Although the new APN I will unveil as I proceed covers every version, we always recommend the older version of AnonyTun as it comes with Natural features, others are pimped.

How To Fix Connection Timeout on AnonyTun/ Make it Connect
1. Firstly we reconfigure our APN to something new.
Go to Setting>>More>>Cellular Network>>Access Point Names>> and configure as seen below
  • Name: FreebrowsingWeb
  • APN: 87.900.56.7:4444/@x
  • APN Type: Default
  • Proxy: blank
  • Port: blank
Now hit save and set this new APN as default.
Where To Download AnonyTun v1.3
Settings For AnonyTun
  • Now launch AnonyTun VPN.
  • Click on Stealth Settings
  • Turn on Stealth Tunnel
  • Change Connection Protocol to HTTP
  • Connection Port to 8032 or 8081 (8081 recommended)
  • Turn on Custom TCP/HTTP Headers
  • Click on Edit Custom TCP/HTTP Headers
  • Then apply below settings
  • URL/Host:redirect.glo.com
  • Request method: POST
  • Injection method: Normal
  • Tick User-Agent, 
  • Leave other boxes un-ticked
  • Click on Generate and validate, then Save
With this, you should continue enjoying your free browsing without hitches.
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