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New APN Settings For Glo 0.0K Browsing, Blazes Like Jet!


Glo 0.0k tweak is blazing perfectly for a few numbers of people or should I say the lucky ones.

Anyways this tweak has gotten different ways in which users access it.

But today I will introduce a new APN setting for Glo 0.0k free browsing which works perfectly with Tweakware and Anonytun VPN. #SipsKunu

But firstly, I will concentrate on Tweakware VPN since it one of the best we have followed by Anonytun VPN. With this method I have enjoyed over 3GB, so just follow my steps and join others to flex with paying a dime. Smiles

APN Settings For Glo 0.0k Browsing With Tweakware And Anonytun VPN
Configure Your Glo Apn As below
      NAME: FreebrowsingWeb
      APN: X_Ultra®
Then click save.
How to Setup Glo 0.0 Unlimited On Tweakware
Now open your Tweakware and Click on Settings
Click on Custom Tweak and Set as Below
    SEVER PORT: 8081
    HOST HEADER: redirect.glo.com
    Tick reverse proxy port
    PROXY HOST: redirect.glo.com
    PROXY PORT: 8081
Now Go back to The App front and select CUSTOM and Click Connect.
How to Setup New APN,  Glo 0.0 Unlimited Speed On Tweakware
After using the above APN Settings, see Anonytun settings. After using that, just connect and rock.
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