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Final Fix: How To Improve Your Poor Glo Data Connection


Hey guys, I will explain on how you can fix Glo bad network coverage in your area.

Although there is a basic requirement which I will tell you as I proceed.

The main reason why I am dropping this little tutorial is to make sure you get back on Glo and most significantly get some vibes from the latest free browsing with Glo via Anonytun.

I have struggled with the issue of network in my area for some time now using Glo and I decided to contact their customer care via Glo’s Facebook page when I came across a helpful comment on a post by Glo CC. The customer in the comment expressed his disappointment at Glo; He said he was unable to use his N1,000 data subscription due to bad network coverage.

Glo CC quickly replied to the comment which was really a positive and helpful one. Now you just have to apply the little method which I guess many (even me) are reluctant to. I unenthusiastically carried out this method and holla, it worked for me, blazing fine with my AnonyTun VPN.

How To Make Glo Network Stable For Browsing

This applies to those that would want to use it for subscriptions or network cheats.
1. Go to settings>>More>>Cellular Networks>>Preferred Network Type
2. I guess it is on 2G/3G.
3. Now Change it to 3G only.

4. Now turn on your data connection and see the magic.

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