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Best Method To Share VPN Connection To PC, Other Devices – Glo 0.0k PC


Am sure Glo users have been enjoying the Glo since it was revealed last year. Android users are huge benefactors of this awoof that erupted and refuse to leave.

Anyways, I dropped a tutorial on how you can use the Glo 0.0k browsing cheat on PC utilising BetaGol.

Many people have complained about this method since it requires premium access and also the issue of constant disconnection.

Today I will reveal a different method which involves your Android device and your PC. This method is the best so far and has been confirmed by me.

Although other methods like PDANet work very well but not reliable like what am about to talk about. Its morning, sip some tea and read on.

Introducing VPN Tethering.apk. VPN  Tethering is an Android App that you can use to share your data connection which is connected over a VPN App without a reduction in speed or premium access. The app is totally free for download and demands Android 4.0 +.  Though the app doesn’t favour many.

Merits of VPN Tethering.apk
1. Free for download
2. Easy to use
3. Fast connection
To use this App, your device must be rooted to give the app full access to every activity on your device when using VPN. So if your device is rooted you can read on. For those that haven’t rooted their phones and will like to, Android 5.0 and lower users can download Kingroot.
How To Use Glo Free Browsing on PC
1. Download VPN Tethering 
2. Now install and launch the App and Minimise
3. Connect your VPN (Tweakware, AnonyTun or whatever VPN you are using to browse for free) on phone.
4.  Like I said earlier, VPN tethering is easy to use. Now turn on your Hotspot (You should see that in Settings)
5. Turn on the WiFi on your device or any device you are connecting to.
6. Now click go to VPN Tethering you minimised in step 2 and click VPN via Hotspot
That’s all.
Please remember this works for rooted phones only. Endeavour to root your device if you haven’t, there are a lot of benefits attached doing so.
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