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Download Betagol.exe For PC – Glo 0.0k Unlimited Browsing On PC


No doubt the Glo 0.0k browsing has been the best tweak since the beginning of 2017.

The cheat is mainly enjoyed by Android users utilising different Apps like Tweakware, Anonytun VPN, as well as UCMini Handler.

All these Apps have been doing good and have worked for over 80% of Glo users using the Tweak.


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Am sure while enjoying this on Android questions that cross your mind is, can’t this be flexed on PC as well? Anyways today I will show you how to enjoy the Glo 0.0k on PC with the help of Tweakware VPN app for PC dubbed BetaGol.exe.

With BetaGol.exe by Tweakware, you will be able to access the web for free on your PC using your Glo SIM. The app is easy to use be it via a Wi-Fi, modem or any device which gets your connected to the internet on PC.

Just follow the steps carefully and you are on your way unlimited downloads, streaming on PC. This app supports virtually all Windows.

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1. Your Glo SIM Card
2. A Strong 3G Network
Glo 0.0k Browsing For PC Settings, With BetaGol VPN
1. After fulfIing the above requirement, you can get a premium account in Step 3 by paying N500.
2. Now Install BetaGol for PC as well as Java Run Time App you downloading from the links in requirements.
3. Open the App and log in with your details then click start and wait for about 3-5mins for it to connect.
4. Launch your favourite browser and enjoy unlimited downloads with Glo.
Note: Please when using BetaGol for PC to download, make sure you setup your IDM this way.
  • Proxy:
  • Port: 8080
Once done, you shouldn’t experience hitches while enjoying on PC. I guess this works well for PC. SHARE with friends.
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