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XP Psiphon Handler APK Download | All Versions – v7, v6, v5, v4


XP Psiphon Handler.apk was introduced last year. This VPN App comes with a beautiful UI and connects fast.

I will reveal all the versions of this VPN app for Android. For those that are already using this app, you should understand that it comes with many good features.

With XP Psiphon Handler you can connect to other devices via hotspot; Other devices can use your encrypted data connection. It also comes with a well-secured connection and interestingly, free from Ads.


1. XP Psiphon Handler Version 7.0
This version comes with new features like; advanced tethering feature, fully materialized, secured connection, remove webview ads, etc.

Download XP Psiphon V7 

2. XP Psiphon Handler Version 6

  • Secured Config
  • Splash Theme
  • Auto import
  • fix minor bugs
  • Improve UI
  • Updated US, India and Singapore Server
  • Clear Data before opening the app
3. XP Psiphon Handler V5
Some features are
  • Fixed IP address Detector
  • Fix IP hunter(IPv6)
  • New XP Payload Option
  • Improved UI
  • Fixed Host Checker
 4. XP Psiphon Handler v4
  • Fixed IP Hunter
  • Fixed host checker
  • Removed useless checkbox
  • XP exporter
  • XP importer
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