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How To Remove Ads From Tweakware VPN/Any App Using Luckypatcher


Many people have been complaining about the placement of Ads on Tweakware VPN.

Although the VPN is one of the best VPN and a way the developers can earn from the App asides premium subscription is via Ads.

Well, it not advisable you do this, but if needful you can go ahead. As the caption explains, it can work on other apps too!

Luckypatcher works for both rooted and non-rooted devices.

How To Remove Ads From Apps Like Tweakware VPN.apk
Step 1.. Download LuckyPatcher.apk For Android and install

Step 2: Now open Luckypatcher you just installed. After opening you will see all the apps you got on your device.

Step 3.. Now select Tweakware or any App you want to remove ads from

Step 4.. Now different options will drop down, select “Open Menu of Patches” to continue

Step 5.. You should see, Remove Google Ads, Just click to continue.

Step 6.. Again two options will display, all you need to do is Patch to remove google Ads” button.

Step 7.. Finally, other options will appear, just click on apply, and wait for it to finish processing.

Step 8.. Congratulations you have removed Ads from the App/Tweakware.

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