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How To Get Over N1000 Airtime Via Geopoll.apk For Free


Today I will reveal how you can earn free Airtime using your android device without stressing yourself.

This doesn’t require any special skill but by performing some little tasks. Introducing Geopoll.

With Geopoll I have earned N310 reluctantly performing some surveys (Answering questions) in just a day of signing up.

What is Geopoll?

GeoPoll is a mobile surveying platform revolutionising the way data is collected. They conduct surveys through the mobile phone to help share your voice and opinions with the world. Their partners include non-profit and international organisations and businesses worldwide.

The App which is available in in Benin, Burundi, Cameroon, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Ghana, Guinea, Indonesia, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, Liberia, Malawi, Niger, Nigeria, Philippines, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Tanzania, and Uganda is used by over 100 thousand Android users according to recent stats from Google Playstore. You can register to be a GeoPoll user in any country, however until GeoPoll is live in your country you will not receive surveys.
What Can I Use Geopoll Airtime For?
  •  Internet subscription
  • Enjoyable free calls with loved ones
  • It can as well be transferred to other numbers. #Winkz
I guess you understand how Geopoll works now? Alright, I will try as reduce the gist so that we can move on to the main thing.
How To Sign-up For Geopoll?
2. Launch the app and fill in all necessary information and use WU9LYT8 as Invite Code
3. After registering a verification message will be sent to your device, just input the code send as SMS to verify and start using your account!
4. Now you will be asked some questions (surveys) when you log in. For me, I just give rubbish answers and move on and I get credited instantly.
5. You can also participate in Polls to get chances for more surveys.
How To Recharge on GeoPoll
After answering questions and getting your Airtime just click on the amount seen at the top left of your screen and click go to earnings. Now click redeem and input the amount in which you wish to cash out

Please Note: You can only cash out once a day and cannot cash out less than N100, but N100 and above.

How To H.ack Geopoll For More Airtime.
Well, I never wanted to reveal this but maybe I should. It not really a h.acking thing but just utilisation of some android apps to make this work.
Parallel space clone apps on your android device. In other words with this app you can run two apps at the same time on your phone.
2. Install and open the app, then click on Geopoll and Clone.
3. Register with a new number and information NOT similar to the first account created. Though you can still use by invitation code (WU9LYT8)
With that, you should be free from buying airtime as the awoof lasts. Don’t enjoy alone, do share this post with your friends via the social share buttons below, they need it!
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