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New Way To Expand Your SDCard From 2GB to 4GB/4GB to 8GB


Sometime ago I was was to carry out this tutorial on my small size SDcard because it was urgent. When I came across this guide at first it sounded unreal. Well, it worked like magic using a software I downloaded and install on my PC.

This Software dubbed Device Increase v1.0 works with command prompt giving you double the real size of your SDCard/Memory Card. 
1. Your PC
2. Device Increase v1.0 (Download Software)
3. Your SD Card

How To Increase The Size of SDCard

1..Open,Memory Drive Increaser v1.0
2.. Type a Name That You Want To Give The Memory Card/Pen Drive And Hit Enter
3.. Type Your Memory Card/Pen Drive. “Drive Letter” (For Example If Your USB Is H:/Drive Then Type H) And Hit Enter Button
4. You Will Need To Type Your Memory Card/Pen Drive “Drive Letter” Again And Hit Enter Button. Just Wait for All The Process To Completed.
5..After All This.. Your 1/2gb Memory Card Will Be Converted To 4gb. This Tricks Works on Al Memory Card and Pen drive.. Starting From 1gb to 8gb Only.

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