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How To Browse For Free on Glo? Check Out These Glo Tweakware Import Tweaks


Hello guys, today I will reveal how you can browse for free using the Glo Config file am about to talk about.

Although some people will feel there is something that makes this tweak different from the Glo 0.0k.

Well, no; same configuration but with few additions to make your browsing experience with the Glo 0.0k swift.

The steps are very easy. You can try this out on a premium (if you have one) and free server. So it like a change of plan. Choosing the import tweak over the pre-configured tweak made available by Castsport (Tweakware developer).

You can try this on any version of tweakware. We recommend you try Tweakware v6.4, 6.3, or v5.9.

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How To Browse For Free on Glo and Etisalat With Tweakware Import Tweak


I assume you have downloaded the Glo config/import tweak and have tweakware already installed to your device


1. Now lunch the Tweakware.apk and move to settings

2. You should see import tweak. Now click on it.

3. Most downloaded files are saved to the download folder of your default storage. Now just locate the file where it was stored and click on it once found.

4. Immediately your import tweak is saved.

5. Go back, and Select free server or premium server (if you have a premium account)and tweak as import tweak.

6. Now hit the connect button.

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In 10-25 seconds it should connect. Leave your experience using the Glo import tweak in the comment section and don’t forget to SHARE with friends using the social share buttons below.


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