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Glo Free Airtime: How I Got N6000 Airtime From Glo to Call All Networks

In a bid to retain customers, the Telco Company (Glo) has decided to dish out free airtime to it’s old customers who have dumped their SIMs for at least 30days. Dumped in the sense that, you haven’t recharge. When you insert you SIM into your device this bonus will be given to you to call all networks in Nigeria.
This offer is also similar to the Etisalat MissitMissOutoffer which granted users who dumped their SIMs N4000 after recharging N200 airtime and above. So for those that haven’t used their SIMs for sometime now, just insert your SIMs and you should get a message that looks exactly like the screenshot below;

How It Works
Now you don’t just put your device into your device and expect N6000 to hit you. Nop! When you recharge, you will be given part of this bonus till it gets exhausted. In other words, you won’t be given the whole N6000 airtime on recharge below N1000. Below is how the bonus rolls

When you recharge N100, you will be given N400 for calls and 50mb to surf the internet. Well a good business strategy by Glo.

But you can get the N6000 at once! When you recharge N1000, you will be given N4000 for calls and N2000 data. Now it’s left to you to decide which to go for
Merits of this Offer
The bonus can be used to call all networks in Nigeria though at an undisclosed call rate.
This bonus cannot be used to subscribe to internet plans, only to brose and make calls.
How To Get Glo N6000 Bonus
1. Locate where you dumped your SIM for a month or more
2. Insert to your phone, wait for a confirmation message
3. After getting the message, recharge your SIM.
4. Now dial #122*34# to check bonus
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