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Download Latest Stark VPN v4.0 APK Free


Another version of stark vpn has been revealed. This version comes with a few additions and fix for some bugs with the app. This version can be used by users in Nigeria, India, Philippines, Cameron, South Africa etc. 

This tunneling app doesn’t consume your battery and got support for compression. It also comes with a secured connection with unlimited bandwidth. The App is totally free and safe for download. 
This update was made available 2nd June, 2017 demanding android 4.0.1 up offered by iStark. 
Where to Download Stark VPN v4.0
What can I Use Stark VPN For? 
Stark VPN can be used to browse for free on the Glo and Etisalat Network. All you need to do is select any of the preconfigured tweaks with any server and enjoy free unlimited browsing. You can also apply custom settings. 
For viewers who aren’t in Nigeria, you can use this to encrypt your connection as it is secured. You can also apply custom settings for your country and tunnels either for free browsing or to view restricted websites. 
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