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Airtel Free Browsing With YouTube Flex Via Psiphon Handler

Airtel launched a new data plan which is known as YouTube Flex. This data plan is limited as it capped around 500mb and 150mb on a monthly basis. These can be used on the Youtube App of any device or on Youtube.com
Anyways, that not what am here for. Am glad to say, this plan can be used to power other Apps with the help of our tunnelling Apps such as Psiphon, XP Psiphon. In other words, you can use it for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and your favourite browser.
Firstly we have to discuss on how to get this data first. And also continue on how to use Airtel Youtube Flex to power all apps on Android utilising Psiphon A+ Pro 91 Handler.
How To Subscribe To YouTube Flex
Dial *141*4# to subscribe.

1. Strong 3G Network
3. Your Android Device
How To Power All Apps With Airtel Youtube Flex
I assume you have downloaded and installed Psiphon 91 Handler
  • Tick remove port
  • Proxy server: m.youtube.com 
  • Real proxy type: Default 
  • Real proxy server: leave it blank
  • Real proxy port: 80

Tap the Save button.

Move to options and select USA and region.
Now hit the connect button.
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