Monday, 1 May 2017

How To Send Unlimited Messages For Free on MTN

Now we will be deviating from free browsing and diving into free SMS. This time on the MTN Network. With this trick, you can send unlimited SMS to different numbers without paying a dime! Oh yea with 0.0k. 

This trick is blazing like madt has been tested and confirmed by FreebrowsingBoss. So just follow the guide to start texting for free. But before then I will state some merits and demerits of this trick.

  • Works on all phones
  • Works on All MTN SIM.
  • Works perfectly well without airtime but if you have airtime before texting MTN will humbly deduct your airtime. In other words, make sure you have 0.0k left if you don't want to waste your airtime.
  • Please call me back will end, you text exactly the message you want to pass across

This trick only works for MTN to MTN. Doesn't sound that nice though.

Step 1... Go to Text Message 

Step 2... Create a new message  and type in your message

Step 3... After typing in your message, in the recipient's number, type in 38708 followed by the number of the recipient E.g. 3870808036550278 and send.

After texting this message wait for at most 30secs and you should receive a message like this:
"Total Cost of SMS was 0.0k and new account balance.....
 Like i said earlier you dont have to border about the use of Please Call Me Back, you text exactly what is on your mind.

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