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AnonyTun vs Tweakware VPN – Which Do You Prefer Using Glo 0.0k Cheat?


Hello guys, its weekend and am sure you are enjoying the Glo 0.0k Unlimited Free Browsing Cheat.

For those that don’t know about this or aren’t enjoying yet, you can try our method 1 using Anonytun VPN, Method 2 using Tweakware VPN

Or this simple method 3 using UCMini Handler. When you connected you can join the gist! #Winkz

Tweakware has been doing good for a long time now, especially for those using premium servers.

Although the new update with Auto refresh server has made individuals on Free server enjoy this wonderful VPN App developed by Castsport

With the latest version of Tweakware, you don’t experience anything like server full or frequent disconnection as we experienced on older versions.

On the other hand, AnonyTun was introduced about 3 weeks ago, and since the introduction of this VPN app which is carefully developed, it has been doing pretty well. Some wonderful feature like fast connection, unlimited bandwidth, auto reconnection has made this VPN App outstanding especially when utilising the Redirect.glo.com.
For some people, Anonytun works perfectly for Social Media Apps but crawls like snail when browsing, although some people said a BIG NO as what they have enjoyed enough free browsing, downloads and streaming more than they have done since the introduction of the Glo 0.0K Tweak on other VPN apps. Well, no be me talk am.
Meanwhile, others have also argued that Tweakware has remained the best, as it powers all applications very well (mostly premium account users) using the Glo 0.0k Tweak. Ads on Tweakware is also a big issue, as the placement of these Ads is irritating to users. Though some people remove Ads from tweakware.


1. HTTP Tunnel

2. TCP Tunnel and SSL Tunnel

3. Unlimited Bandwidth

4. Global server location

5. Battery saver

6. Anti DPI

7. Modifying outgoing request

8. Secure Connection

9. HTTP Custom Header


1. The app is stable with Auto Refresh server

2. Free Internet Access

3. It is compatible with all Android version

4. Hide Real IP address

5. Pre-installed settings for Glo, Etisalat free browsing.

6. Connects with 2G, 3G and 4G networks

7. Secure access to restricted contents

8. Multiple server locations

9. 350MB daily bandwidth of free server and unlimited on premium servers

So the question is, which do you prefer? Do you prefer Anonytun or you’d go with Tweakware. You can use the comment box to tell us more about what you think and what you have experienced using these VPN Apps.

Happy Weekend.



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