All Airtel Double Data Plans and How To Subscribe Without Tweaking

Bringing the issue of Double data at the moment is very crucial to every internet user here in Nigeria - Since MTN stopped their double data and Glo reduced volume of data plans. 

Meanwhile, Airtel just rolled out double data plans for the next 6months same as MTN did. These plans are superb and can be used on various devices such as iOS, Android, Windows. But not very similar to that of MTN. 

For MTN, if you can remember we tweak our Imel before subscribing for our data to get doubled. Well, this doesn't demand tweaking as it can be enjoyed without special skill or tweaking. Sounds good! 

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Additionally, the issue of eligibility is very crucial here. A friend tried this without affirming his eligibility and got the normal volume of data, in other words his data was doubled. So to avoid this you will have to confirm your eligibility. 

One USSD code can't be used to confirm eligibility, so we recommend you try any of the subscription codes listed below. If you get a response like your account balance is insufficient, then you are good to go and vise versa. 😁 

List of Double Data Plans
From this left you are left to choose which one you prefer. 

1. Airtel N1000 for 3GB. Dial *496# to enjoy.

2. Airtel N1500 for 6GB. Dial *440*161# to enjoy

3. Airtel N2000 For 7GB. Dial *437# to enjoy

4. Airtel N4000 for 18GB. Dial *438*1# to enjoy. 

All these plans listed above lasts for 30days!

With this, you should be eligible for at least one. Like I said earlier dial those codes first before recharging your Airtel to confirm your eligibility.

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