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New Method To Change Your Non-MTK Device’s iMel Without Bricking


One problem we users on non-MTK device experience is the hardship experienced and threat/dangers posed by changing our device Imel like bricking your device or even making your device function abnormal.

Well, today those thoughts will be thrown into the bin as I will be explaining on how you can Tweak your non MTK device imel.

Firstly I will like to discuss why people tweak imel for newbies; Many people do tweak their device’s imel for different reasons. You don’t just tweak your imel because you feel like playing with your device, a strong reason is always attached.

Reasons Why People Change Their Device’s imel

1. For my viewers in Nigeria, you should know that there are some bonuses you enjoy from getting a new device. Your imel is like your device identification number. Every phone has its own unique imel which network operators use to detect the device in use.  For those that can remember the double data bonus which I would be writing about soon; this bonus is only meant for individuals with a new device, so when they subscribe the get double the amount of data they subscribe for. In order to enjoy this on your old device or ancient device, imel tweaking is the way.

2. Secondly, like my friend here do tweak his device for security reasons (some people can relate). But the main function here is the anonymity of your device, in other words, it can never be discovered which device you are using when tweaked.

3. Sometimes when Network operators are dishing out free data, it mainly for new smartphones, but those with old phones tweak their imel to enjoy.

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Non-MTK users have always been afraid of tweaking their device imel and losing lots of opportunities. Like I said, in the beginning, all that is gonna end in a short while.

Please Note: it not important/compulsory you root your device before tweaking your imel. You can tweak easily and risk-free without rooting.

How To Change itel, HTC, Samsung Device imel

1. Now you have to download Shortcutmaster.apk from Google Playstore. You can do that by clicking here. After downloading anf installing, continue with the no 2

2. Now launch the app and tap the screen to bring out the pull-down menu

3. From the options in menu, select Secret Code Explorer

4. Now Engineering mode, or you can check for numbers under it, just carefully check for anything that contains the word “engineer” User2rootReceiver and other menus will pop up. If it pop-out launch type, then select Launch0

5. From the Menu that shows up, navigate to the left side and select Setimei to bring up another menu where you should see and select launch to display the 2 default IMEL of your non-MTK device.

6. But if you still can’t find the above, you will see telephony, just scroll down gentle and look out for SET-IMEL.

7. Now Select any of the SIMs you wish to tweak it iMEL, now delete an input the imel you wish to change to.

8. Lastly, click on Set Imel and reboot your device. Congratulations your imel has been tweaked.

Just have this in mind that if all procedures are followed duly it won’t waste much time. Because some people be like since the write up is long the process is gonna be long as well. But it not, just follow and grab some knowledge about this.

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