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Saturday, 20 May 2017

Convert Your Airtime To Cash in Nigeria Within Few Minutes

Most people run businesses that accept Airtime as a form of payment but converting airtime into cash is another challenge although for those that don’t know.  I can't start selling airtime or going about the street distributing airtime in exchange for money, you just sit back with my method at home and get your money straight to your bank account. Sounds cool!

Well, this method I discovered which I will introduce works perfectly well and you can convert airtime to money instantly using your PC, Phone or any internet enabled device.

How To Convert Airtime To Cash in Nigeria
Follow the steps below to convert that huge airtime to money

1. Sign up for AimtoGet to get an E-Wallet - Signup for AimtoGet

2. Now, move to Transact Here and click on fund wallet

3. Now you fund your wallet using Airtime method

4. After funding this wallet, you can now click Withdraw Funds. Now, withdraw to your bank account without hitches.

It is as easy as that.

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Saturday, 22 April 2017

New Way To Delete Duplicated Files on Android To Free Up Space

Android users are aware of the issue of duplicated files, especially in SDcard. This may result due to many reasons. A perfect example is the extracted files when we extract files sometimes they do duplicate or even stop while extracting. When this stops the extracted part will be saved which is totally useless and consumes lots of space. Secondly, it could be as a result of a faulty memory card or even your Device and many other reasons.

I experienced same issues too which caused me troubles with storage. In some situations where I want to download a huge file, I find out my storage is full when I check I still can't find the reason for this. But later I noticed it was due to my faulty memory card which continuously duplicated files and saved them in a secret folder. Although after performing this tutorial am about to explain I had to dispose the SDcard avoiding future occurrences.

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The tutorial is not a hefty type as it is simple and short. Easy and doesn't demand tweaking your device or even overhaul.

1. Your Android Device
2. Download Search Duplicate Files.apk from playstore or download from here
After downloading this app follow the process below to start the App and clear duplicated files

How to Clear Duplicated Files With Search Duplicate Files
1. After downloading and installing this app from playstore.

2. Launch the APP and allow it to access your files

3. After it done with accessing your files, it automatically marks all folders where you saved a file.

4. Now look at the lower part of your screen and click on the search icon

5. Immediately it begins to scan files and once done.

6. It displays duplicated files and automatically marks all of them.

7. Now you can check the files to make sure you don’t lose important files, but if you are sure that major documents are safe and not saved with the same name just hit the delete of bin icon to delete these files and save some space for your device.

8. Once they are deleted scan again to confirm and see the magic.

Remember you have to set the storage in which you are searching for duplicated files from. That is from your SD Card or your device storage. Once that is done it frees up space for useful files to take it place.

Besides deleting duplicated files some other things can cause your device memory been full. But from what I noticed saved data from various social media apps, utility apps causes this. So when you see that you really do need space, you can clear the cache of a huge app or data.

In my next post about device storage, I will be explaining on how to solve storage not enough with Google playstore. Am sure enough people experience that, especially Tecno W3, and Tecno H6 users. Just keep visiting to get this post.

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Tuesday, 18 April 2017

How to Tweak Android Imel Safely and Enjoy Free, Cheap browsing

Imel Tweaking is something everybody on FreebrowsingWeb most understand because it's part of the tweaks on this blog. I decided to publish this post as many requests were laid as regards to changing android imel for the MTN 100% data bonus.

We advise you learn this to start enjoying particularly the MTN 100% data bonus. Now I will make sure they steps are made easy for you to understand.

Changing your Android imel is safe and does not require root or any sort of permission as MTK device are free from all that.

Am sure you are tired of paying too much for data and getting less? Well, you can join me to start flexing via imel tweaking. Current tweaks that work with imel tweaking is the Airtel  N1000 for 3GB and the MTN Double (100%)data trick. With imel tweaking you get access to unlimited data via freebies or via data subscription.

How to Change Android imel 
Step 1… After downloading and installing open the app and you should see MTK Setting

Step 2… Now swipe your screen to the left then select CDS Information.

Step 3… Now Select Radio information

Step 4… Then select phone 1 if you want to change the imei for SIM1 
or phone 2 for sim 2

Step 5… press E on your keypad it will drop down some options, for sim 1 select AT+EGMR =1,7,""

For sim 2 AT+EGMR=1,10,"" 

Step 6… After that put the new imei between the "" like this AT+EGMR=1,7,"358429063123457" 

See List of Imel To Tweak for MTN Double Data

Step 7…Then put a space in between AT and + so it appears like this AT +EGMR=1,7,"358429063123457"

then press sendAT command. 

A message should pop up saying "At command is msent". 

After that toggle your phones' aeroplane mode on then off. 

Your imei should have changed *#06# to check. 

Now your device imel has finally changed and you can apply any trick.

See list of imels to tweak for the MTN double data. This might not work for Samsung, Itel and other Non-MTK devices but works perfectly for Infinix, Tecno, Gionee, Xiaomi, and other MTK devices. For those that are not using a MTK device click see how to tweak a non-MTK device imel to join the trend.

From now on you are set to enjoy more tweaks with your knowledge of imel tweaking.

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Friday, 14 April 2017

New Method To Change Your Non-MTK Device's iMel Without Bricking

One problem we users on non-MTK device experience is the hardship experienced and threat/dangers posed by changing our device imel like bricking your device or even making your device function abnormal. Well, today those thoughts will be thrown into the bin as I will be explaining on how you can Tweak your non MTK device imel.

Firstly I will like to discuss why people tweak imel for newbies; Many people do tweak their device's imel for different reasons. You don’t just tweak your imel because you feel like playing with your device, a strong reason is always attached.

Reasons Why People Change Their Device's imel
1. For my viewers in Nigeria, you should know that there are some bonuses you enjoy from getting a new device. Your imel is like your device identification number. Every phone has its own unique imel which network operators use to detect the device in use.  For those that can remember the double data bonus which I would be writing about soon; this bonus is only meant for individuals with a new device, so when they subscribe the get double the amount of data they subscribe for. In order to enjoy this on your old device or ancient device, imel tweaking is the way.

2. Secondly, like my friend here do tweak his device for security reasons (some people can relate). But the main function here is the anonymity of your device, in other words, it can never be discovered which device you are using when tweaked.

3. Sometimes when Network operators are dishing out free data, it mainly for new smartphones, but those with old phones tweak their imel to enjoy.

Non-MTK users have always been afraid of tweaking their device imel and losing lots of opportunities. Like I said, in the beginning, all that is gonna end in a short while.

Please Note: it not important/compulsory you root your device before tweaking your imel. You can tweak easily and risk-free without rooting.

How To Change itel, HTC, Samsung Device imel
1. Now you have to download Shortcutmaster.apk from Google Playstore. You can do that by clicking here. After downloading anf installing, continue with the no 2

2. Now launch the app and tap the screen to bring out the pull-down menu

3. From the options in menu, select Secret Code Explorer

4. Now Engineering mode, or you can check for numbers under it, just carefully check for anything that contains the word "engineer" User2rootReceiver and other menus will pop up. If it pop-out launch type, then select Launch0

5. From the Menu that shows up, navigate to the left side and select Setimei to bring up another menu where you should see and select launch to display the 2 default IMEL of your non-MTK device.

6. But if you still can't find the above, you will see telephony, just scroll down gentle and look out for SET-IMEL.

7. Now Select any of the SIMs you wish to tweak it iMEL, now delete an input the imel you wish to change to.

8. Lastly, click on Set Imel and reboot your device. Congratulations your imel has been tweaked.
Just have this in mind that if all procedures are followed duly it won't waste much time. Because some people be like since the write up is long the process is gonna be long as well. But it not, just follow and grab some knowledge about this.

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How To Remove Ads From Tweakware VPN/Any App Using Luckypatcher

Many people have been complaining about the placement of Ads on Tweakware VPN. Although the VPN is one of the best VPN and a way the developers can earn from the App asides premium subscription is via Ads. Well, it not advisable you do this, but if needful you can go ahead. Like the caption explains, it can work on other apps too!

Luckypatcher works for both rooted and non-rooted devices.

How To Remove Ads From Apps Like Tweakware VPN.apk
Step 1.. Download LuckyPatcher.apk For Android and install

Step 2: Now open Luckypatcher you just installed. After opening you will see all the apps you got on your device.

Step 3.. Now select Tweakware or any App you want to remove ads from

Step 4.. Now different options will drop down, select "Open Menu of Patches" to continue

Step 5.. You should see, Remove Google Ads, Just click to continue.

Step 6.. Again two options will display, all you need to do is Patch to remove google Ads" button.

Step 7.. Finally, other options will appear, just click on apply, and wait for it to finish processing.

Step 8.. Congratulations you have removed Ads from the App/Tweakware.

Thursday, 13 April 2017

New Way To Expand Your SDCard From 2GB to 4GB/4GB to 8GB

Sometime ago I was was to carry out this tutorial on my small size SDcard because it was urgent. When I came across this guide at first it sounded unreal. Well, it worked like magic using a software I downloaded and install on my PC.

This Software dubbed Device Increase v1.0 works with command prompt giving you double the real size of your SDCard/Memory Card. 

1. Your PC
2. Device Increase v1.0 (Download Software)
3. Your SD Card

How To Increase The Size of SDCard

1..Open,Memory Drive Increaser v1.0

2.. Type a Name That You Want To Give The Memory Card/Pen Drive And Hit Enter

3.. Type Your Memory Card/Pen Drive. "Drive Letter" (For Example If Your USB Is H:/Drive Then Type H) And Hit Enter Button

4. You Will Need To Type Your Memory Card/Pen Drive "Drive Letter" Again And Hit Enter Button. Just Wait for All The Process To Completed.

5..After All This.. Your 1/2gb Memory Card Will Be Converted To 4gb. This Tricks Works on Al Memory Card and Pen drive.. Starting From 1gb to 8gb Only.

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Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Unlock Your MTN, Airtel, Glo, Etisalat Modems in Easy Steps

Hey guys, today I will explain on how to unlock your internet modems so that you can use them on any Network. Sometimes ago, someone messaged on Whatsapp as regards to this and I decided to share how I unlocked my own without going for a Universal Modem at a costlier price.

Unlock Modem

Most MTN, Airtel, Etisalat, Glo Modems are made by Huawei so this method of unlocking the modem will work pretty well on any of them. But before I start there are some things we need to know or have in mind....

Firstly, make sure that your SIM card is detected on your desktop/laptop/PC and you should know your IMEI number (IMEI number is a 15 digit number printed on the device/modem). To know the 15 digit IMEI of your modem, see the back side of the modem.

How To Unlock MTN, Airtel, Glo, Etisalat Modem
Step 1...1. Download Universal Master code.exe

Step 2... Now you will find some tabs (ZTE, NEC, NOKIA, HUAWEI etc) Just select your model, but like I said earlier most of this modems are Huawei Modems but still check to confirm before you decide on which to go with.

Step 3..Enter your 15 Digit IMEI number in Huawei tab, as shown in the below screen and press Calculate for Unlock Code and Flash Code

Step 4... Now Insert the SIM Card that is always rejected/Unaccepted SIM Card into your modem, then to your PC.

Note: For Some, it will prompt for an unlock code; If you experience that just insert the Unlock code you got from Universal Master code.exe.

Congratulations, your Modem is now unlocked and can be used with all SIM Cards.

If you encounter issues, don't hesitate to use the comment box, we will reply as fast as we can!