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Thursday, 18 May 2017

PES 2018 Download - See New Features and Date of Release

Game lovers, specifically lovers of soccer will love to hear that PES18 (Pro Evolution Soccer 2018) will be revealed soon. Today I will let you know the date in which it will be revealed and features you should expect from this new edition of this fantastic soccer game from Konami.

As we all know this game can be accessible on PS4, X-Box one, X-Box 360, as well as PC. The release date is  12 September 2017 in America and September 14, 2017, in India and across Europe. It is also expected to reach other regions before the end of November 2017.

According to a statement;
"Centred on the concept that PES 2018 is 'Where Legends are Made', the new game hits the floor running with new features, new ways to play, a PC version to the standard of the leading console iterations, and an unrivalled gameplay experience."

New Features For Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) 2018

1. Real Touch +: 
This is the major feature the PES 2018 will come with, allowing players to react to the ball using permission of body parts such as head, leg, chest to pass under control, although depending on the pace/speed of the ball as well as height. Interestingly, this is done via simple movement of the control sticks.

2. Better lighting and contextual shielding all serve to bolster last year's PES 2017 outing; with its PC guide said to have undergone "substantial" improvements.

3. Improvements in user control

4.Enhanced dribbling skills

5. Improved ball control and set piece.

Below is a Video Teaser of PES2018

Also, we should expect an overhaul in the area of players, jerseys, stadiums and other game facilities of the PES 2017. Once the game, PES2017 is revealed, the download link will be available for everyone here at FBW.  

Friday, 5 May 2017

Download First Touch Soccer 2017.apk + OBB (FTS 17) - Android

FTS17,  First Touch Soccer 2017 is a soccer game for Android. This edition of this game comes with a lot of new features even as we anticipate the arrival of FTS 18. One major improvement which I'm sure everyone is gonna like is the improved graphics in this game!

The size of FTS17 is just 300mb consuming less space and data. Besides space, it also conserves your battery life.


Download First Touch Soccer 2018 FTS 18

FTS 17 Game Details

  • Name: FTS 17
  • Mod: Jan Kogel
  • Size: 259mb
  • Genre: Soccer
  • Release Date: August, 2016

Download First Touch Soccer 2017 FTS 17 now

How To Make FTS17 Work After Download
i. Firstly, extract the download zip file and copy 'com.firsttouchgames.fts15' to under the data folder to your Android/data folder

ii.. Secondly, copy the 'com.firsttouchgames.fts15'  to your Android>>obb folder

iii.. You can now start the game

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