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Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Download Best Tweakware 6.3, 6.4.apk For Android - With Auto Refresh Servers

Tweakware has revealed  another version of its VPN app for Android. One unique thing about this version is that it auto refreshes servers making connection stable and reducing too much disconnection. As for me this is the best version Tweakware has revealed in 2017.

Meanwhile, you can enjoy this even on a free server and with the use of premium servers which is best! It works perfectly for Glo and theEtisalat 0.0k Tweak which got issues for the past 3 weeks. So all you need to do is download and start flexing.

For the Glo tweak, you flex unlimited as well all know using. The Etisalat tweak is capped at 60MB, although it still blazing perfectly well on Stark VPN 3.9.

Where to Download Tweakware 6.3, 6.4
Download Tweakware 6.3, 6.4 now

APN Settings For Glo With Tweakware 6.3, 6.4
APN: Glosecure

How To Use Tweakware 6.3, 6.4
Like every other version, just select the server and the tweak in which you intend to use and you are good to go.

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Happy browsing

Saturday, 29 April 2017

Free Download Facebook Messenger Lite.apk For Android in Nigeria + 150 Other Countries

The Facebook messenger has been available a few regions around the world since October 2016 leaving Nigeria out of these countries. 

Well, Finally it available for download and use in Nigeria and 150 other countries E.g Italy, Columbia, Morrocco, Peru, Turkey, Taiwan, Japan, Germany and much more. This App for those that don’t know consumes less data and can be used on 2G, 3G, and 4G without hitches.  Facebook Messenger Lite.apk according to stats is now accessible in over 150 countries worldwide.

Facebook Messenger Lite.apk is specifically designed for people with low-end mobile devices since the Facebook Messenger is not compatible with some phones, thereby slowing devices and consuming much data. Those that use Facebook Lite will understand better.

Some Good Features of Facebook Messenger Lite
1. Fast Installation: Due to the small size of the apk file for Messenger lite, it installs fast.
2. Fast Message Loading: With this app, you enjoy fast conversation even using your 2G Network
3. Consumes less data
4. Works on almost all Android device

Where To Download Facebook Messenger Lite.apk

Thursday, 27 April 2017

Download OG Instagram - Lets You Download Photos and Videos

OG Instagram is a modded version of Instagram giving users the ability to download photos and videos which cannot be done on the Official version of Instagram.apk. Aside from downloading images and videos, you can also share this links.

Meanwhile, the download isn't stressful as it downloads in one quick in your device background. All items downloaded are stored/saved in the folder "OGInstagram" but your device gallery should help you get fast access to it.

I guess you like this? It a Lil. better and easy to use.

Where To Download Latest OGInstagram?

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Download Best Android Emulator.exe For PC

Before I start talking about the best Android Emulator, I will like to explain what an android emulator is for newbies;

"An Android emulator imitate all the hardware and software features of typical mobile devices, in other words in copies exactly what a normal Android device could do but can never place phone calls. Although it comes with a variety of keys which can be taped on using your mouse and your PC keyboard to generated events.
Android emulators are also used to test Android applications, develop and prototype them as well. "

So now I guess you should know what we are trying to discuss about?

On the internet today, there are many Android Emulators, some come with bugs and some of them are a little cool but not perfect. Over the past few weeks I have been researching, downloaded and tested some Android emulators for PC, but most of them don't accompany what I want. Most especially some consumed a lot of RAM and slowed down my system.

Meanwhile, Bluestacks is also a good Android Emulator for PC but consumes RAM very well. For those that have less than 4GB RAM, it could even make your system crash or even slow your system, which is sure nobody likes.

Introducing KOPlayer; this Android Emulator for me is the best because it accompanies most features you ranging from gaming to compatibility. This emulator gives the true meaning of an Android Emulator. Meanwhile, the emulator is downloadable for free and can be accessed free of charge. It does not demand any trick or tweaking to get started.

KO Player also comes with a perfect display for games and very compatible with apps. Some games/apps the KOPlayer works with are enumerated below

1. Mortal Kombat X: This fighting/action game works perfectly and is the best Android emulator if you wanna play Mortal Kombat X on PC. The game which is loved by many has recorded over 400 thousand downloads and still getting increased number of downloads for both modded and official versions.

2. Whatsapp: For those that would love to Whatsapp on PC, this software/emulator works perfectly with Whatsapp for PC. It comes with every feature you'd use on an Android device ranging from contact saving to backing up chats etc.

3. SubWay Surf: The running game works perfectly with KO Player as it recommends you use your PC Keyword and mouse for control and moving side by side.

Some Features of KOPlayer
1. Fast Loading: Unlike other emulators that takes time the load, the KOPLayer takes few seconds to load.

2. Easy installation: There's no issue with installing files and even launching files

3. Easy controls: Some emulators will demand some settings to enable navigation, keyboard usage etc but the KOplayer doesn’t request for all that.

Where Can I Download KOPlayer
You can download KOPlayer from here. Just install and enjoy gaming, chatting, and other lovely features on the emulator.

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